The first Hikshari' Trail Volunteer Trail Stewards work day was on Saturday, September 14 from 9:00-11:00 a.m. “Meet at the parking lot by the Elk River wastewater treatment plant (the second lot off Hilfiker) for check-in and to choose your work for the day. We'll be picking up litter, weeding, removing graffiti and cutting back brush along the trail. We'll have all the tools needed and some gloves but bring your own gloves if you have them. Please bring your own water. We'll be working rain or shine and our work day will always be the second Saturday of the month.”

March 2, 2013

We had a strong turnout for what was essentially our 3rd Trail Stewards work day in the Community Forest. Thank you to Rees Hughes, City of Arcata staff Darius Damonte and Dennis Houghton for organizing. And of course a huge shout out to the 45 other community members for all their hard work. Using only hand tools, the group removed an old section of logging road and replaced it with a brand new stretch of single-track. A great, fun day of work, excellent new trail sections and pizza!

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The Hammond Trail Stewards trainings and volunteer trail workdays happen on the 1st Saturday of each month  from 9 a.m.-11a.m.

The first part is a brief training for new Stewards during which we'll explain your responsibilities and how the easy online reporting works. Those Stewards already trained can get busy with tasks at hand. Treats provided (please bring a coffee mug!). Please wear appropriate gear for weather and trail work. Rain, fog or Shine!

Hammond Volunteer Trail Stewards show off one of the new signs that the County is posting on the trail to promote and recognize volunteer efforts, ongoing since June, 2010.

Front row (left to right): Sally Botzler, Trula Clare, Hannia Sanchez, Marisol Madriz, Ginger Gardner, Nate Botzler Back row: John Sullivan, Rick Botzler

Stacy Becker

January 2012

The New Year ushered in a great event.  After a year and a half of growth, the Hammond Volunteer Trail Stewards met on the first Saturday of January to a resounding chorus of nearly thirty volunteers and County workers to pretty up a northern section of the Hammond Trail. The sun was out, the air was cold and the atmosphere was warm and welcoming. The volunteers cleared out invasive ivy down to Hiller Park, laid in a safer path to the river with gravel, and cleared the Hammond of trash, graffiti and overgrowth. 

The Hammond is a 5.5 mile long trail that winds its way from the Arcata Bottoms at the Mad River Bridge to Clam Beach in McKinleyville. This multiple-use trail serves as a segment of the Pacific Coast Bike Route and also was recently designated a section of the California Coastal trail, part of a statewide effort to create a continuous path between the Oregon and Mexico borders.

Trails in Humboldt County are community assets that increasingly rely on a partnership between local government, service organizations, non-profits and residents to be appropriately used and adequately maintained. Trail Stewards are people who care enough about a great public resource to get out and help maintain it.

The Volunteer Trail Stewards began Summer 2010 as a pilot project for both the Hammond and Cooper Gulch Park in Eureka.  They have evolved into two groups, one on the Hammond and the other at the Friends of the Dunes’ Stamps Nature Center trails, with plans to expand to new areas. Both groups tend the trails and can make online reports that are used for planning next work efforts. The Hammond contingent is a group that includes regulars and newcomers to the First Saturday work days (which include a brief orientation/training), and an even larger group of others who steward the trail on their walks as neighbors and visitors seeking to “heal and cheer and give strength to the body and soul.”

If you’d like to do the same, please join us on the first Saturday of each month from 9am to 11am, gathering at different locations along the trail each time. For more information, please contact Stacy at  to have your name placed on an email list to receive invitations to the Hammond, and occasionally larger Humboldt Trails Council events.

The Volunteer Trail Stewards is a project of the Humboldt Trails Council, Friends of the Dunes, CIty of Arcata, and the County of Humboldt.

Hammond Trail Stewards Meet on the First Saturday of each month at 9am, gathering at different locations along the trail each time. For more information, please contact Stacy Becker at

Friends of the Dunes Trail Stewards Meet on the 3rd Saturday of each month from 9am-Noon. For more information, contact Friends of the Dunes at 444-1397 or email

The Arcata Community Forest Trail Stewards will meet for (somewhat) regular work days. Dates and specifics will be posted below. Contact Rees Hughes at (707) 826-0163 or with your questions.

Hammond Trail

Volunteer Trail Stewards

Arcata Sunny Brae Community Forest

Volunteer Trail Stewards

Following each Volunteer Steward outing on the Hammond, please fill out the online form which helps us report & prioritize projects for work days.

“If there’s one essential ingredient to creating trails and trail systems, it’s people. All the land and financing in the world won’t blaze a trail if there aren’t people championing the project. “


In Support of Trails: A Guide to Successful Trail Advocacy, 1993

Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in where nature may heal and cheer and give strength to the body and soul.              

        ~ John Muir

Saturday June 1, 9am-1pm

Please join the new Trail Stewards project in the Arcata Community Forest for the Saturday, June 1st work day on the Arcata Ridge Trail.  Meet at 9 a.m. at the Margaret Street entrance in Sunnybrae. New volunteers welcome. We will again meet at the southern end of the Arcata Ridge Trail at the top of Margaret Street (it can be reached by driving east on Buttermilk and turning left on Margaret which intersects Buttermilk just before Buttermilk makes its big turn).  For those of you yet to complete Volunteer Trail Steward paperwork, we will have release forms and training materials available on the 30th.  We will be working until as late as 1 p.m. although you can certainly leave when necessary. Wear work clothes and shoes. Water and light refreshments will be provided. We will again be working with City of Arcata staff. This is a strenuous work site. Reaching the work site will involve a steady climb of as much as a half mile and working on uneven terrain. Please keep that in mind.  Call Rees if you have questions - 826-0163.

Humboldt Trails Council  .   PO Box 6625 . Eureka, CA 95502 .

Get Your VTS Vest!

Volunteer Trail Steward vests are available for $30 or with regular and devoted service, you may earn one, or discounts are available.  VTS are encouraged to wear these whenever you are on the Hammond, at the Friends of the Dunes Nature Center or in Arcata’s Community Forest.  Not only do they provide some protection against the weather but they help us be more visible.   

Read Rees Hughes’ article about the Arcata Trail Stewards in the Arcata Eye

Arcata’s Trail Stewards are building the future of our community trails! In addition to building new sections of trails, the Trail Stewards will help monitor, pick up litter, and assist with restoration along Arcata Community Forest Trails. Please join us!

The last Arcata Trail Stewards work day was


June 29, 9am-1pm

We’ll be brushing, clearing, and working on some drainage issues on Trail #15 instead of preparing the Zip Line trail (that will be postponed). Meet at the upper Fickle Hill entrance to the Community Forest (for those of you who know the numbers, where Trail #9 begins . . . about two-thirds mile up Park Ave/Fickle Hill Road). We have the gate combination and we will drive a van and several cars (as necessary) the mile to the intersection with Trail #8.

The next Hammond Trail Stewards work day will be


September 7, 9am-11pm

We'll be meeting at Hiller Park once again (in the parking lot near the trail)....  We'll be helping the county remove graffiti (as weather permits), trim trees, weedeat, and pick up litter in that area. Rain or shine!  New volunteers are always welcome and will be offered a brief orientation.  Contact Stacy if you have any questions:


Volunteers 55+ years of age might be interested in joining a new VTS effort with RSVP, a program of the Volunteer Center of the Redwoods and the Area 1 Agency on Aging...  RSVP is a national volunteer program providing the following benefits to those 55+ who sign up and report monthly hours: limited mileage reimbursement, supplemental volunteer insurance, invitation to their annual Recognition event, and support from RSVP staff to get the word out about Volunteer Trail Stewards.

If you are interested, please contact Stacy or Rees.

Arcata Community Forest Trail Stewards Work Days:

  1. Saturday, October 19, 9am- 1pm

  2. The Next Arcata Community Forest VTS Work Day is this Saturday, October 19th, 9 am - 1 pm. Instead of meeting as originally advertised, we will meet at 9 a.m. at the Diamond Drive trailhead to the Arcata Community Forest, at the top of Diamond Drive. Dennis has a more pressing need for many hands there. If you need directions, just ask.

  3. Come for as long as you are able. We will be working until 1 p.m. with pizza at the end.

  4. New volunteers are always welcome. Of course, we will be working rain or shine! And we still ask you to report in from your walks or runs or rides on the trails: Contact Rees if you have any questions:

  5. The next one after this will be

  6. Saturday November 16, 9am- noon

NEW! The Eureka Hikshari Trail Stewards held their first recruitment meeting on August 29. Work days will be on the 2nd Saturday of every month. For more information, please contact Jane Stock at, Rees at 826-0163, or Stacy at

Hikshari’ Trail

Volunteer Trail Stewards

After every Arcata Trail Steward experience, and when you are out running, walking, or riding, please take a moment to fill out the online form or use the call numbers we have provided (822-8184 for Environmental Services and 822-2428 for the Arcata Police Department) as appropriate. This information will be used to improve the maintenance conditions of the Arcata Community Forest trails. 

Saturday, October 12, from 9:00-11:00 a.m.

First, thank you to the 24 volunteers who worked on September 14.  Under a heavy drizzle we removed lots of graffiti, cut back fennel and picked up litter from the entire trail. We removed enough fennel to open views of the bay in many places and since we removed the graffiti we've noticed very little new.

Our work continues Saturday, October 12 from 9:00-11:00 a.m. with more brush cutting and removal, European Beach Grass removal and litter removal. Come rain or shine! Waterfowl are beginning to return and the bay will be at mid tide so the trail will be a lovely place to be.

We meet at the Elk River Sanctuary parking lot off Hilfiker Lane  We have all the tools and leather gloves. Bring your own gloves and water if you wish. New volunteers are always welcome. For more information contact Jane at 444-2357 or Susan at