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Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in where nature may heal and cheer and give strength to the body and soul.              

        ~ John Muir

Humboldt Trails Council  .

Welcome to the the McKinleyville Elementary Ecoclub Volunteer Trail Stewards, comprised of Ecoclub members and their families!! 

The EcoClub will be conducting VTS activities on trails around Hiller Park in a partnership with the McKinleyville Land Trust, the McKinleyville Community Services District, and the McKinleyville Union School District. The Ecoclub is a project of LatinoNet, a local non-profit organization that is the Ecoclub's fiscal sponsor. The Ecoclub VTSs made their first appearance by marching in the June 2014 Pony Express Days Parade with Trash Picker Uppers and wide grins!

McKinleyville Elementary Ecoclub

Volunteer Trail Stewards


Saturday, July 5

Thank you to the Ecoclub VTS for helping keep the Hiller Park area beautiful for people and critters alike!

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The Volunteer Trail Stewards is a project of the Humboldt Trails Council, Friends of the Dunes, City of Arcata, City of Eureka, and the County of Humboldt.


Volunteers 55+ years of age might be interested in joining a new VTS effort with RSVP, a program of the Volunteer Center of the Redwoods and the Area 1 Agency on Aging...  RSVP is a national volunteer program providing the following benefits to those 55+ who sign up and report monthly hours: limited mileage reimbursement, supplemental volunteer insurance, invitation to their annual Recognition event, and support from RSVP staff to get the word out about Volunteer Trail Stewards.

If you are interested, please contact Stacy or Rees.


Get Your VTS Vest!

Volunteer Trail Steward vests are available for $30 or with regular and devoted service, you may earn one, or discounts are available.  VTS are encouraged to wear these whenever you are on the Hammond, at the Friends of the Dunes Nature Center or in Arcata’s Community Forest.  Not only do they provide some protection against the weather but they help us be more visible.   

larger photo

left to right: Joyce King, Judy Haggard, Jim Stanberry (visiting from San Pedro), and Marisol, Hannia and Xenia Madriz.

Marisol & Hannia Madriz at wheelbarrow.

Our group really got a good workout last Saturday. Community service is a strong part of our Ecoclub mission.  We look forward to our continued collaboration with the Humboldt Trails Council, McKinleyville Community Services District, and the McKinleyville Land Trust!

Saturday, August 2  PHOTOS

The Ecoclub Volunteer Trail Stewards worked at the Dog Park, under Eric Martin's supervision. 

Saturday, September 6th  PHOTOS

The Ecoclub did ivy-pulling along the bluff trails

The new plan is for the Ecoclub to alternate between the Dog Park site and the ivy-pulling areas on the McKinleyville Land Trust Bluff trail so that we can more effectively concentrate our efforts on each location.

Therefore, the Ecoclub’s next work day will be at the:

Dog Park

Saturday, October 4, at 9-11 a.m.

Then, the next month we’ll be at the:

Bluff Trail, Pulling Ivy

Saturday, November 1, at 9-11 a.m.

stay tuned for more details!

Sally and Rick Botzler and the Ecoclub Volunteer Trail Stewards have been working with the McKinleyville Land Trust, McKinleyville Union School District, and the McKinleyville Community Services District in Hiller Park and Mad River Bluffs each 1st Saturday during the school year. They will be back at it in September. Joyce King has also been guiding and supervising the Ecoclub Volunteer Trail Stewards (VTS) project at the McKinleyville Land Trust (MLT) Bluff Trail, with a presentation on the history of the area as well as a handout describing the location and highlighting the native and invasive species of vegetation there. Thanks, too, to Greg Jaso, for providing tools and bags for the ivy pulling and for bringing and pushing the wheelbarrow!

Here are some Photos of work in June 2015:

Saturday, December 6, 9-11am

Please come and participate in the Ecoclub Volunteer Trail Stewards (VTS) project near the Hammond Trail in Hiller Park at the Botanical Garden.  The Ecoclub VTS project will involve maintenance activities at the Botanical Garden on Saturday, December 6th, at 9-11 a.m.  Service in the park is lots of fun!

Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes and bring gloves and water.  We will assist staff from the McKinleyville Community Services District Parks and Recreation Department at the beautiful Botanical Garden.

We really appreciate the collaboration with the VTS program among the Humboldt Trails Council (HTC), the McKinleyville Community Services District Parks and Recreation Department, McKinleyville Land Trust, and McKinleyville Union School District!  Sincere thanks also to Mike Orr from the Humboldt County Parks Department for providing grabber tools, trash bags, etc., and to Stacy Becker and Rees Hughes with VTS for helping us make the essential connections.

Por favor vengan y participen con el Ecoclub proyecto de ayuda voluntaria en el Sendero Stewards, cerca del sendero Hammond en el Parque Hiller, al Jardín Botánico.  El VTS del  Ecoclub implicará actividades de mantenimiento al Jardín Botánico en el sábado de 6 de diciembre a las 9-11 a.m.  ¡Servicio en el parque es muy divertido! 


Por favor, traigan ropa y zapatos cómodos y agua embotellada.  Ayudaremos al personal del Departamento de Parques y Recreación del Distrito de los Servicios de la Comunidad McKinleyville al hermoso Jardín Botánico. 


Realmente apreciamos la colaboración con el programa VTS junto con el Consuelo de los Senderos de Humboldt, el Distrito de Parques y Recreación de la Comunidad, McKinleyville Land Trust, y el Sindicato del Distrito Escolar de McKinleyville.  Un muy sincero agradecimiento también a Mike Orr del Departamento de Parques del Condado de Humboldt por proveer las bolsas y herramientas para agarrar basura, etc. y a Stacy Becker y Rees Hughes de VTS por ayudarnos a hacer las conexiones esenciales.

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