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What you want to ride

The type of riding and the roads you will cover are some of the biggest factors in your choice of a bike.

Cruiser: Generally a one-speed, wide-tired bike suited for rolling down a boardwalk or around the block.

Mountain bike: With knobby, heavy-duty tires, MTBs are meant for exploring trails and woods. They have a wide range of gears and an upright seating position.

Hybrid: Close to a mountain bike, hybrids have geometry that is more efficient and more suited to commuting riding.

Road bike: Drop handlebars and a sleeker design puts a rider in a position for longer trips. Componentry is more sophisticated and aimed at longer times in the saddle.

Tandem: A bicycle built for two

Recumbent: These bikes are lower with chair-like seating that make riding more comfortable with some sacrifice in climbing efficiency, a major element in Western Pennsylvania.

Others: There are other variations, too, such as tandem recumbent hybrids, or specialized types, such as fixed-gear bikes often used for track racing.

Looking like a bicyclist

Bicycle gear does more than create a look.

  1. There are good reasons for those tights that support your all-important leg muscles. They also keep pantlegs from getting tied up on the bike seat.

  2. Similarly, jerseys are tighter fitting so they don't fly out of position during a downhill scoot. They have pockets to carry maps, phones and money.

  3. Of course, the most important bit of clothing is the helmet. On trails, roads, or in a field, it is possible to find a spot unforgiving to the head.

  4. Bike gloves give cushioning to hands that are on metal bars for a long time. They also can keep those hands from getting chewed up on the road in a fall.

  5. Cleats on the shoes provide an efficient connection to the pedals that make a difference on long trips.

  6. Rear-view mirrors can be mounted on the frames of glasses, bike helmets and handlebars and provide awareness of traffic -- foot, bicycle or automotive -- around you.

  7. Panniers, or bike saddlebags, allow the transport of a change of clothes or can act as a shopping bag if stopping at a store to pick up groceries.

  8.                                                                                                                 by Bob Karlovits

Bicycling News & Information

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Humboldt Trails Council  .

Green Wheels works for a healthier community, economy and environment, advocating for balanced and sustainable transportation on the North Coast.

This means transit as a viable alternative to driving for working families, land use planning to make sustainable transportation more cost and time-effective, and bike and pedestrian infrastructure that everyone feels safe using including a Humboldt Bay Trail between Eureka and Arcata.

BCA’s website features news, bicycle safety training, reporting road hazards, events and much more.

Their goal is to:

  1. Promote the personal and societal benefits of bicycle commuting.

•  Serve as an effective advocate for the interests of commuting bicyclists.

•  Work cooperatively with State, regional and local agencies to identify and secure improvements and maintenance needed by commuting bicyclists.

•  Assure that street, highway, and bike projects are developed consistent with State standards and the requirements of the California Vehicle Code.

  1. Educate and advocate for the improvement of bike safety.

  1. Humboldt Bay Bicycle Commuters Association’s list of



Bike Journal is designed to provide you, the avid or recreational biker, with a convenient and fun way to track your rides and meet other cyclists for camaraderie, motivation, and even competition.

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